R-Studio For Data Recovery Software

r-studio for data recovery

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Working on a PC or laptop like a boss and scheduling all your meetings and upcoming work in a document and suddenly the file got corrupted, or the system crashed, what will be your reaction.

Oh My GOD! Yes, you are screwed, because all of your important data and upcoming meeting details were in that file which has been corrupted and now it’s of no use. But don’t be panic until the R-studio software is there for your assistance.
R-Studio is the recovery utility tool which will recover all of your damaged and corrupted files. It has a simple interface design. The multiple file option will allow you to select multiple files so that you can recover them all at the same time. R studio unique feature is that it will provide a virtual Raid which is useful for your operating system. The virtual option will help you to secure your files even when you are not sitting physically on your computer. You have the full control of every sort of data recovering. R-Studio is one of those data recovery tools which our reviewers has shortlisted.

The built-in the text editor will help you critically analyze file which is corrupted and help you to recover it properly. As every software tool have some advantages and some disadvantages, so this tool also has some faults. One is that it is a time taking process, not available for MAC, sometimes recovered corrupted files.

Besides this, it is the most reliable and trustworthy recovery utility tool which will help you to recover all of your files. It supports multiple formats which include JPG, XLS, MPV4, DOCX. So by concluding this, we say whenever you want to recover your data, you should have only one name in mind, which is R-studio.

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Interface, Specs, Features, and Compatibility

  • It’s small software with the download size of 1.8MB
  • It can run on all version of windows
  • It’s not available for MAC.
  • It’s not free software; the price is 49.99$.
  • The operating functions of R-studio can work on both local and network drives.
  • It provides disk encryption
  • Can recover the data which is permanently deleted from your PC.

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Updated: October 28, 2019 — 12:53 pm

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