On Track Easy Recovery Professional

On Track Easy Recovery Professional for Data Recovery

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On Track Easy Recovery Professional

One of the most professional and authenticated software if you want to regain your data which has been lost due to any issue. This software interface is quite easy, and even a beginner person can use this with perfection. The best thing about this software is that it allows you to recover the huge files no matter what their size is, no matter what format it has.

The unique part of this software is that it will help you to recover your email files which have been lost or mistakenly deleted from the trash as well. Beside this another tremendous feature of this that it provides the reports which will help to analyze what is happened.

It’s a quite advanced application and has everything which a user wants, but the time taking process is quite annoying. It will take too much time in completing a process and recovering of the file. One another demerit is that it is only free for home use not for professional or who want to use it for the sake of their data recovery business. So the site owners have to work on this to find a solution so everybody can use it equally

By using this software, you can recover any sort of files including the documents, the audio file or the large excel files. It will not restrict you. You just have to select the file which you want to recover its format and the directory or source on which you want to store the file, and that’s all. Its specific filter option also allows you to select the mails, file in the mail which have been deleted and you have to regain it. Download this software as soon as possible; it will not acquire your too much space, so what you are waiting for?

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Interface, Specs, Features, and Compatibility

  • Its file size is 30.1MB
  • It’s an expensive tool with the price of 139$
  • It can easily work on all the versions of the windows
  • It has advanced features and smart algorithms to recover the data with more accuracy and within a quick time.
  • It can recover all sort of files no matter if they were audio, pictures, documents or any other file 
  • Also, it is not restricted to the size of the file; it can recover huge files as well.
  • It provides multiple searching file capabilities.

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Updated: October 26, 2019 — 6:30 pm

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