Mini Tool Power Data Recovery Software

Mini Tool Power Data Recovery For Data Recovery

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Mini Tool Power Data Recovery

This tool is the recommended tool for the data recovery. No matter what sort of data it is, Mini Tool can retrieve everything. It has the clean and user-friendly interface with pleasant GUI which every user wants. The processing time for this tool is quite fast and efficient. Like all other tools, it also has the scanning process functions which initially scan the files and then will show you the list of files which you want to recover. You will select the file, the format and then the directory where you want to store the file after the recovery process.

Then the rest work will be done by Mini Tool Power Data Recovery tool. After file recover, it will show you the complete catalogue of the files with their name, size and date of creation.

One of the advantages of this utility tool is that like all other software it doesn’t hang, have the advanced features with smart algorithms, have the specific filters with you can recover multiple files of various formats at the same time. Like all other tools, this also has some demerits like it will restrict you to restore data of 1GB in the unregistered version. Some functions will not work properly in the unregistered version.

Besides this, all this is one of the most trusted and credible utility tools if you want to retrieve your lost data. Whenever your data is lost, and you want to recover it, you should have only had one name in your mind which is the Mini Tool Power Data Recovery tool.

The above mentioned are on the most trusted and recommendable utility tools to regain your data.

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Interface, Specs, Features, and Compatibility

  • The number of downloads will tell you why this software is not free. It has different packages ranging from 69$ to 499$. The standard price is 69$.
  • The file size is 33.9MB
  • It can run on all versions of windows including (32 or 64 bit).
  • It has a simple installation with a pleasant GUI.
  • Provide the advanced searches which makes it quite easy to recover the date deeply
  • File filters will allow you to recover different sorts of system files. 

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Updated: October 28, 2019 — 1:00 pm

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