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File Repair For Data Recovery

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File Repair

Files can be damaged or corrupted due to many issues sometimes it is because of the system error, and sometimes it’s you who mistakenly deleted that vital file which has all the things. It all happens, it’s natural, so you don’t have to be panic at all. File Repair is the tool which will recover all of your data.

It is a simple free data recovery software  which has the simple basic design with easy documentation with a user guide which after reading a person who is using it for the first time can even operate this utility tool.

In this, the advanced feature of adding files automatically and multiple is not available unfortunately you have to drag the files one by one and manually, which is a time taking process. It supports different formats like DOC, PDF, MP3, JPG, PPT, MOV, and RAR. It doesn’t acquire too much space on the system or cup memory. 

After completing the recovering process, it will display the details of several bits of data that’s has been recovered and a list of all repair files. It easily recovers the corrupted data and places them into a new document so they can be at a safe place. 

By ending this, we can say that file recovery is the best free tool with the support of all formats, but still, it lacks at some points and functionalities, so it needs a bit improvement in that to overcome the issues which usually occur. Doesn’t also have many configurable parameters which can enhance its usability.

Specifically in the area of dragging the multiple files should be improvised like the other utility tools have, and also should have the basic filter option so you should not have to add files manually. Don’t wait for your time and download this software to protect your data from further loss

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Interface, Specs, Features, and Compatibility

  • It’s a free version tool.
  • It can run on windows XP or windows 7
  • The download size for this file is 1.1 MB
  • It can easily recover all sorts of corrupted files, including word documents, excel files, music files, RAR files, and corrupted images as well.
  • The processing speed is quite fast which makes the scanning process more easy for the user
  • It is always available, and secures tested virus-free software.

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Updated: October 26, 2019 — 6:25 pm

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