Data Doctor Recovery – SIM Card Software

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Data Doctor Recovery – SIM Card

If you are an SMS marketer and your all business depends upon the data which is in the SIM and which is encased in your phone. Suppose that if that SIM is broken, or gets corrupted your, all data will be waste which eventually affects your business. So you can say that you will be at the lost end and all of your clients will vanish because they will not get daily updates from you in terms of messages, or calls.

Do you want to be there? You won’t neither anyone would like to be at that point from where he can’t move further. So for the prevention of these issues and keeping given these circumstances, Data Doctor Recovery – SIM Card is developed. It is designed specifically to retrieve data from the SIMS; the data can be phone numbers, messages, contacts etc.

Its process time is quite fast as compared to other utility tools; it doesn’t require too much space like other utility tools usually acquired. Its graphical user interface and the manual guide makes things much easy for its users.

As like other software utility tools, it will also scan your SIM and check the defected errors and deep parts of the corrupted magnetic SIM and afterwards will start its scanning process to regain the data which have been lost.

What most users don’t like in this that it is only restricted to recover the data of SIM cards, memory cards. So you can only recover the data which is in your SIM card not on pc or laptop which is a lacking point.

Besides the above one demerit, it has all the credibility’s to be the most trusted recovery utility tool. So don’t waste time and download it to secure your SMS marketing business.

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Interface, Specs, Features, and Compatibility

  • It’s not free software. You have to spend 69$ to buy, which has all the functionalities.
  • It’s small software with the file size of just 1.5MB
  • It can run on all the versions of the windows, including (32 or 64 bit).
  • It fulfills its specific purpose for which it is developed. It will provide the full backup and security of your memory card and phone data.
  • It can regain the data which is accidentally or permanently removed from your cell [phone or memory card.
  • Even it can regain the messages and the contacts which are not readable by your mobile phone.

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Updated: October 28, 2019 — 1:19 pm

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